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Edge Creaser

Edge Creaser

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OWDEN 3 pieces stainless steel edge creasers are designed and crafted by professionals using high-quality stainless steel and engineered ebony handles to give our creasing irons the strength, stability and consistent results you are looking for! These tools are ergonomically designed and built to last. The tool is mirror polished, Used to make decorative lines for leather edges. Easy to use for both novice and professional leather designers, it is the perfect addition to any leatherworker's toolbox.


  • Material: Handle: Ebony Wood; Connection: Brass; Blade: Stainless Steel
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 121g/pcs
  • Size: length 16cm x height 2.4cm
  • Specifications: 1.5mm/2.0mm/2.5mm available

Size 1.5mm: Overall length, 16cm (6.3") ; blade length: 27mm(1.06"); the crease to edge is approx 1.5mm

Size 2.0mm: Overall length, 16cm (6.3") ; blade length: 27mm(1.06"); the crease to edge is approx 2.0mm

Size 2.5mm: Overall length, 16cm (6.3") ; blade length: 27mm(1.06"); the crease to edge is approx 2.5mm.


- Head material: Stainless steel. Completely polished head making it smooth and work nicely without damaging leather.
- Ebony wood handle: Special design in shape to fits your hand and you can feel comfy and steadily hold it when it works. we adopt this high-density ebony wood to make sure the edge creaser is of the best quality, durable and works well in the craft work.
- The round groove can help make the end of the edge be round and heave.
- Repeated work in a fixed position, You will find that the decorative line will become more and more obvious and full.
- Heat the stainless steel head with an alcohol lamp to avoid the accumulation of oil smoke before it works for deeper and permanent creases. And the process will become faster and better.
- The working section of the tool has a curved surface. One side is close to the leather edge, and the other side is marked with a beautiful decorative line on the leather surface(Refer to picture). And the top point of the tool can be used for the curved corner of the line.
- Suitable for watch straps, card holders, ornaments, handbags, purses, wallets, belts and other leatherworking projects, etc.


1. When heating the creasers for use with leather, an alcohol lamp should be used to heat the tool to avoid soot buildup​.
2. Soot can be cleaned with a cotton rag and alcohol.

3. The ebony handle is easy to crack in cold and dry environments, you can apply protective oil for maintenance after use.


1. There will be some discolouration due to heating the tools.
2. If you want to purchase at wholesale price(one product of more than 20 pieces), please contact us.
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Customer Reviews

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Brian T.
2.0 mm creaser

Great tool for creating a professional looking edge on all your projects. Strong and sturdy with a nice grip and can be heated for a more permanent edge crease. Another great quality tool from Owden. Highly recommended.

Quite pleased

Nice product! I've only used it a few times as I've just gotten it, but it seems to be well-made. It's much easier to use than the janky creaser I was using and produces an excellent crease.

Well made

This is a nice tool. I like like it.