In 1981, Our company was born in Ningbo city,China. Named OWDEN. At that time our products were mainly used in industry, Most metal tool s are used in factrories and molds to mark,dete and punch etc.

Around 2005, With the popularity of handmade,OWDEN products slowly approached the field of handmade leather、Jewelry making,and hobbyist use. We have also designed and developed many new products,Most leather craft and Jewelry tools were also born. And now there are more and more OWDEN brands are still under development and will be sold online.

OWDEN choose high-quality materials, advanced production technology, suitable for different handmade needs.We have been strictly controlling the quality of our products,We have been strictly testing these issues. So that our global users can better experience the fun of making handicrafts.

In recent years, The products we have developed have been registered with global patents , From design,production,quality control,packaging and sales are all completed by OWDEN company, Our innovative tools are all designed to help everyone from those just getting started to the experienced artisan along their creative journey.We are a manufacturing factory and work hard for users around the world.

My name is OWDEN, Trust me , Welcome to our OWDEN family.

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