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9Pcs Pattern Stamping Set 3/8" (8mm)

9Pcs Pattern Stamping Set 3/8" (8mm)

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OWDEN Professional 9 Pieces pattern(Design) stamping tool set is made of tough zinc for all your crafting projects. These elegantly designed shapes have clean, clean edges. Set of 8 Pieces pattern (designs) (Leaf, Smiling face, Star, Sunshine, Flower, Heart, Butterfly, Moon), with 1 steel handle. This stamping kit is suitable for use on leather products with each design.


  • Material: Zinc
  • Color: Silver
  • Rod Length: 95mm
  • Pattern Size: 5/16"(8mm) to 3/8" (9.5 mm) tall.
  • Package:

         - 8pcs pattern stamps: Leaf, Smiling face, Star, Sunshine, Flower, Heart, Butterfly, Moon.

         - 1pc steel handle.


- Professional leather stamp tool: Customize your pattern anywhere on leather goods, backpacks, canvas shoes, etc.
- Easy to use: the handle with non-skid pattern to fits your hand and you can feel comfy and steadily hold it when it works.
- The handle and stamp head are designed separately, and the handle has a special buckle design to prevent the stamp head from falling off.
- The printing letters are clear and precise. We have tested and tested, it can work well for your craft work.
- Economical and convenient tools, ideal for leather craft hobbyists.
- Scope of Application: It is mainly suitable for embossing leather, paper, rubber, soft metal, wood, gold, silver, copper, etc.


- It is recommended to wipe with a soft object to protect the folding pen tip, and it is recommended to use a grid or blank board.
- When not using metal tools, you can apply a layer of oil on the seal and put it on the rubber sleeve for protection and maintenance.


1. About leather, it is recommended to use it on vegetable tanning leather with a thickness of more than 1.5mm. The effect is better after wetting the leather with water. Other textured of leather may not be applicable. (chrome tanned leather with strong elasticity is not suitable for use, and the mark will recover quickly) .
2. When punching, please make sure it is perpendicular to the leather surface to prevent improper operation of cutting teeth.
3. Do not use a hammer to beat, you can use a rubber hammer or installation hammer and control the power.
4. If you want to purchase at wholesale price (one product of more than 20 pieces). Please contact us.

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