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4 in 1 Awl Tool

4 in 1 Awl Tool

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  • OWDEN Professional 4 in 1 awl tool set including 4 styles of interchangeable blades.
  • Two sizes of awl blade ,One piece scratch awl blade, One piece lacing fid blade, All blade made in alloy steel.
  • Each blade can be placed in the vise and locked. The handle is made of ebony with a nice brass ferrrule.
  • The tool kit can help you poke the leather, Different hole shapes on the leather are used for stitching.You can also correct the shape of the holes left in the past to achieve nice results.
  • Try me , I will bring a very pleasant working experience to you .
  • if you want to purchase with wholesale price(one product more than 20 pieces),please contact us.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Brian T.
It's "awl" right!

Great awl. Comfortable grip and 4 sharp tips that make using this tool a pleasure.

Awsome quality

I love the feel of this tool and the interchangeable tips are nice but can be a bit large. Not so great for smaller projects

great feel and easy to use

Owden tools are a great quality for a great price. I constantly use this all on all my projects

its an amazing awl

The only flaw i see in the design is the neck of it. the part that goes into the handle. It looks a bit thin and i don't know how it will hold up in a year or long. but if it breaks I'll def be sad. It's nice and pointed comes with 4 different heads for different hole punch and the point is stiff enough to go through some thick veg easily.